VAGOGA is an innovative new exercise programme developed by women, for women.  VAGOGA, ‘yoga for the vagina’ is an intensive training routine designed to tone and strengthen the pelvic floor, giving you inner strength and inner confidence.

Who will benefit from VAGOGA?

According to the charity Continence Foundation, urinary incontinence affects approximately 10 million women in the UK . It is a huge problem for many women who often feel too embarrassed to seek help.  Research also suggests that only 1 in 4 women will approach a health professional about this problem, thinking that they are not incontinent but just leak a little. Even mild incontinence can have a profound effect on a woman’s’ life, and in many cases we just learn to live with it.  There is no reason why we should accept this an inevitable part the aging process.

The good news is the pelvic floor muscles form part of the voluntary nervous system, enabling us to have control over them and the ability to strengthen and rebuild them. This is where VAGOGA will help.

Why your pelvic floor will love VAGOGA

The pelvic floor forms a hammock of several muscles that support the abdominal and pelvic organs , bladder, bowel and uterus.  Weight gain and hormone changes such as during the menopause are two key factors in reducing pelvic floor strength.  It is also widely recognised that the physical strains of pregnancy and the process of labour and birth can be the trigger for ongoing pelvic floor related problems.  These can include urinary incontinence; womb prolapse and can lessen sexual pleasure during intercourse.

The most commonly experienced issue related to a weak pelvic floor is the uncontrolled leakage of urine when the bladder is under pressure, such as sneezing, coughing and laughing. We refer to this as the ‘sneeze and wee experience’ which can get progressively worse with age.

VAGOGA – your first course of action

Guidelines from the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) recommend that pelvic floor muscle exercises be used as a first line treatment for urinary incontinence.

The group effect is widely recognised within the health and fitness industry as a way of maximising the benefits of any exercise regime.  By taking part in a VAGOGA class you will learn to focus and isolate your pelvic floor muscles, as well as introducing you to a Pilates style body workout including guided relaxation to enhance physical and mental wellbeing.

Whether your aim is to just be more aware of your pelvic floor and prevent future pelvic floor related problems or you have more specific pelvic floor related issues join your nearest VAGOGA class and embrace your inner strength – inner confidence.