Ante Natal and Post Natal – Mum&Baby VAGOGA

Ante Natal VAGOGA

Ante Natal VAGOGA loves your pelvic floor and we want you to love it too!

So you are well on your way to becoming a new mum and your pregnancy is going well, nows the time to start thinking about your labour and birth and our drop in Antenatal VAGOGA sessions can help.    The aim of Antenatal VAGOGA is to dove tail with your NCT or other Antenatal classes that you might be doing or have completed and help you to continue with your preparation for labour, birth and becoming a new mum. Working with Suzanne, an affiliated NCT antenatal practitioner,  we will spend some time talking about your birth plans, answering any labour or birth related questions you might have, think about positions, breathing and ways to relax. I hope to provide you with some space to focus on giving birth to your baby and help you make final informed decisions about your care. The sessions will cost £10 and are going to run as a drop in so you can come along once you are on maternity leave or when you are free without any long term commitment.

We all know that being pregnant can be a lovely time but it can also place a lot of stress on your body especially your pelvic floor muscles. Throw in a bit of pregnancy related constipation and add the extra pressure of a vaginal birth and your poor pelvic floor will ready to pack its bags.

VAGOGA is an innovative way to get you to know your pelvic floor and understand how it works.  Our unique approach to Antenatal exercise classes combine the principles of pilates and yoga, positions for active labour  together with a variety of pelvic floor exercises to really prepare you for the birth of your baby.

During your  Antenatal VAGOGA sessions you will learn how to isolate your pelvic floor and help keep it strong and supple while understanding when it is ok to let it go and relax it as your baby is born.   And another thing … having a better understanding of your pelvic floor can help prevent tearing or needing an episiotomy during the second stage of your labour, that alone is a good reason to do Antenatal VAGOGA!

VAGOGA loves to get new mums together and help provide opportunities to meet up …  Being part of your local Antenatal VAGOGA Club is so much more than just an exercise course.

Post Natal and Mum&Baby VAGOGA

Firstly – the team at VAGOGA would like to say ‘congratulations on becoming a new mum’.   We are looking forward to meeting you and your baby! All babies are warmly welcomed at Postnatal VAGOGA,  just bring a blanket or play mat for them to lie on while you focus on the class.

Specially developed by VAGOGA, this class is for post-natal mums wanting to get back into pre-pregnancy shape and more importantly, regain their pre pregnancy pelvic floor strength. Postnatal VAGOGA is a mat based exercise class that is fun for both you and your baby.  We take you a step further in your fitness routine with some strong muscle and core and exercises.

Mum and Baby  VAGOGA is a relaxed yet focused way to regain your pre pregnancy body, while focusing on those important pelvic floor muscles.  If you fancy something a bit different to most post natal exercise classes VAGOGA is for you.

Whatever type of pregnancy and birth you have had, our innovative approach using both traditional Pilates, Power Pilates and Yoga principles will help you stretch and strengthen your body while relaxing and calming your mind.  As many of our exercises can include your baby he or she will enjoy the class too.

VAGOGA’s  unique approach to pelvic floor exercises  will educate you about your pelvic floor muscles and how to isolate them. Our specific pelvic floor exercise routines will enable you to practice these vital exercises properly during the early months post birth, helping you to bring strength and stamina back to your pelvic floor.

While exercise is important, at VAGOGA we also recognise the importance of socialising and meeting other new mums in your area. Being  part of your local Postnatal VAGOGA Club will give you the opportunity to chat with other mums, catch up and share life as a new mum.

VAGOGA – developing inner strength and inner confidence.