About Us

Suzanne Fowler Evans and Lorna Parris both live in the Haslemere area of Surrey. Having initially met at the school gates when their children were young, they have continued a friendship that has now resulted in them setting up a business together. Both Suzanne and Lorna share a passion for womens health and their past professional backgrounds compliment each other and support their aim of reaching as many women as possible with the VAGOGA programme.

Lorna Parris


As a student, teacher and performer of dance and gymnastics in her past, Lorna has always taken an interest in and promoted a healthy and active lifestyle.

Lorna has also studied nutrition and has used her knowledge and passion to motivate other women in weight loss and healthy diet.  Over the years Lorna has developed her interest in a holistic approach to fitness and wellbeing, studying both conventional and complementary techniques and therapies.

Having trained and qualified as a CYQ recognised Pilates Instructor with Health and Fitness Education, Lorna is exited at the opportunity of using her experience and qualifications to  work with Suzanne on their innovative exercise programme developed specifically for women with the goal of raising the profile and importance of pelvic floor exercise. Their aim is to promote the benefits of prevention rather than a cure when it comes to taking care of this essential and important part of the female body.

Suzanne Fowler Evans


Suzanne Fowler Evans qualified as an antenatal teacher with NCT in 1997,  over the past 20 years she has worked with hundreds of women and their partners leading up to the birth of their babies and during the postnatal period.  She now works as an Affiliated Practitioner with NCT primarily in Surrey and South West London, running antenatal courses in Haslemere, Farnham and Clapham.

In 2008 Suzanne gained a BA in Educational Studies and spent two years as a Tutor for NCT training future antenatal teachers.  During her studies she developed more of an understanding and interest in womens’ health, in particular the role of pelvic floor muscles and the potential impact on these muscles as a direct result of pregnancy and birth.

In 2013 Suzanne trained and qualified as a CYQ recognised Pilates Instructor with Health and Fitness Education and gained a level 3 Diploma in Teaching Pilates. In 2015 she also qualified as an Ante and Post Natal fitness instructor.

The exciting launch of Vagoga  in 2014 is the result of 2 years of research into the best way to raise pelvic floor awareness for women of all ages and she is pleased to be working with Lorna on developing  Vagoga to help as many women as possible benefit from healthy pelvic floors for years to come.